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Why we say impeachment attempt in Brazil is a coup (By Flávio B.Prieto MD)

Right after losing 2014 presidential elections, defeated candidate Aécio Neves from PSDB has promised not to allow winning candidate Dilma Roussef to govern. He's been keeping his promise completely ever since. The first attempt to do so was contesting the result of the ballots. His party's request of recount has been denied by TSE - brazilian supreme electoral authority simply because it presented no legal basis or valid evidence. Next, street antigovernment protests organized by Rede 45 (internet opposition social network profiles in e-mail, facebook and twitter) took place. In this they had the help of right-wing organized groups like MBL - financed by Latin American largest beer and softdrinks producer AMBEV, as well as from a radical pro-military group called Revoltados On Line - the right-wing fascist type segment. They all speak on behalf of democracy, which they actually deny by not accepting they've simply lost the elections. With the help of their parties in Congress, they started to make it very difficult for Dilma even to pass annual budget, without which one cannot really govern.

After TSE denied vote recount Dilma succeeded to pass the budget law and street demonstrations without real aim started losing force, then, PSDB created two new fronts to attack the government: a legal investigation about Brazil's main oil company Petrobras and filed a claim at TCU - brazilian public accounts tribunal against Dilma's government for having postponed internal payments to public banks. In both fronts they counted with the friendliness of publicly declared antiPT judges, federal prosecutors and counselors. This makes it obviously clear that they totally lack the necessary independence and impartiality to guide such processes. Following to a report from a right-wing dominated TCU, where they rejected Dilma's accounts, right-wing dominated Congress wants now to impeach her for things which were never before considered crimes, but simple accounting solvable irregularities - which indeed have been solved.

Main political and economic crisis drummer has been Rede Globo - brazilian most powerful oligopolist media group - along with a range of smaller competitors formed by other family communication trusts which control, in total, about 80% of all brazilian TV, radio and press (both printed or electronic) spectre. It's an uneven battle and, as some say, Dilma, Lula and PT can only count on simple people and those who benefitted from social programs which have taken dozens of millions out of extreme poverty and illiteracy, and on people who voted for PT for ideological and political beliefs.

Note: Aécio Neves and his group would have promissed to privatize big bits of Petrobras to huge oil sharks if he won the elections. Rede Globo, which organized dinners to boost and finance Aécio's campaign faces a difficult financial situation and owes billions of reais in unpaid taxes.

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