domingo, 20 de março de 2016


Ever since Lula and Dilma won brazilian elections by popular vote, they and their party have been accused of being corrupt. This has started, indeed, even before Lula's first election in 2002. Right wing mass media have been hanmering on the same note until opposition party PSDB succeeded to file a lawsuit in federal justice of Belo Horizonte city against Workers' Party-PT which has become a worldwide famous trial of some of PT leading politicians like José Dirceu and José Genoino, among others, in a total number of 40 - just to give space to their associated media to mock them in analogy with the famous tale of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Our Supreme Court (STF) not just accepted this mockery, but used a special theory (Domínio do fato - Control over the act) to incriminate the accused, based on presumed  knowledge - whose real father Claus Roxin said was not suitable to that case - as well as confessing they were condemning even without proof because 'corruption shall not be tolerated'. 

After this scandalous trial which led to the prison of four of PT members, main opposition party felt confident, with their huge media support, to keep attacking PT and its governments with full force in order to try to change the will expressed by people's majority in the ballots. Several attempts in different tribunals and programmed continuous media scandals have taken place with the sole aim of trying to oust Lula and Dilma. Now, with the help of a federal judge again, Sergio Moro, they've been spying on Lula and Dilma's private conversations, besides scanning lawyers and defendants' conversations too, which is flagrantly illegal. Our Supreme Court and General Attorney fails again in securing constitutional rights under the false justification that 'nobody is above the law'. Lula' s being shamefully chased and Dilna's mandate is being challenged in three different courts (electoral, accounts and trial/law court). We, 54 million brazilians who have voted for her in the last elections, will not allow them to promote a coup under the disguise of an ordinary impeachment process. Resistence is being organized and we count with the necessary support of real democrats around the world to stop it.

Mass media magazine covers about brazilian political situation are worse than  those of 1964, when we had a military coup. Take a look:

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